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Travel tips, stories, and inspiration through the lens of my iPhone.

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Why iPhone?

I love taking photos, I love the iPhone, and I love traveling light.


My goal is to show you that you can beautifully document your travels with just your phone! 


Am I expecting to be the next great photographer for National Geographic? No. Am I expecting my photos to be sold for thousands of dollars? No. Do I want to be carrying around tons of camera equipment everywhere I go when I am traveling? Definitely not.


My top three reasons for taking photos of my travels:

1. To explore my creativity through photography

2. To show my friends and family where I am and what I am up to

3. To capture moments that I want to remember for a lifetime


Sound like you? Sure, we're not professional photographers - but that doesn't mean we can't have absolutely gorgeous photos from our travels!


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What's my Instagram style?


No filters, minimal edits.  

Showing you what the world really looks like!


I want my photos to show you what these places around the world actually look like, not some highly edited version of them. I might add a little brightness here or a touch of contrast there, but you won't see me going crazy with filters, edits, etc. Keeping it real!